Health & Welfare Trust Fund

Anthem Blue Cross Medical 

The Plan's medical benefits provide protection you and your family need for a wide range of services. The Plan you are eligible for is determined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement under which your Employer is subject to make contributions to the Fund.

Eligibility and Claims call the Fund Office at 800.844.8392 or 510.433.4422

BlueCross Prudent Buyer Plan (In California)
Blue Cross Prudent Buyer (Utilization Review) call 800.274.7767
BlueCard (Outside California)

Anthem Blue Cross Plan A

Anthem Blue Cross Plan B

Anthem Blue Cross Plan C

Anthem Blue Cross Plan D

Anthem Blue Cross Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug coverage can play an important role in your overall health. Recognizing the importance of this coverage, the Fund offers Prescription Drug Benefits to you and your eligible Dependents though a retail pharmacy program and a mail order program. When you have your prescriptions filled at a contract retail pharmacy or through the mail order program, you save money for yourself and the Plan. When you need a medication for a short time—an antibiotic, for example—it is best to choose the retail pharmacy program. If you are taking a medication on a long-term basis, it is usually best to have it filled through the mail order program.

OptumRx Specialty Pharymacy Team – Call 1-866-218-5445

OptumRx Mail Order Service – Call 1-800-797-9791 (TTY 711)

2023 Premium Standard Formulary

Other Benefits

Chemical Dependency Treatment

The Plan provides Chemical Dependency Treatment Benefits through the Operating Engineers Assistance Recovery Program (ARP). Treatment must be pre-approved by the ARP to be covered under the Plan. These benefits are subject to the Comprehensive Medical Plan lifetime maximum.

Assistance Recovery Program (ARP) Call 800.562.3277

Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Benefits are available to all Eligible Individuals covered under the Plan, including Participants enrolled in the HMO plan. These benefits are subject to the Comprehensive Medical Plan lifetime maximum.

Zenith American Solutions (Fund Office) Call 800.844.8392 or 510.433.4422


Dental Benefits help you manage the amount you pay for dental treatment. Effective July 1, 2008 Dental Benefits are provided under an insurance contract between the Trust Fund and Delta Dental of California (Delta Dental). The plan is the Delta Dental PPO, a preferred provider organization (PPO) program that provides access to PPO dentists nationwide.

Delta Dental of California Call 800.765.6003



A Participant must be eligible for the Plan’s Dental Benefits to be eligible for Orthodontic Benefits. Please note that only certain Collective Bargaining Agreements provide for Orthodontic Benefits, and then in most cases only for your Dependent children up to age 26. You must be covered under a Collective Bargaining Agreement that requires your Employer to provide these benefits to be eligible. If eligible, Orthodontic Benefits begin on the first day of the calendar month following three-consecutive months of eligibility. Refer to the Schedule of Benefits insert at the back of this SPD or contact the Fund Office to find out if you are eligible for this benefit.

Note: Some collective bargaining agreements may provide for adult orthodontic benefits.

Delta Dental of California Call 800.765.6003


You and your Dependents are eligible for Vision Benefits if your Employer makes the required contributions for this coverage. If eligible, Vision Benefits begin on the same day as other Plan benefits. Contact the Fund Office if you are not sure if you are eligible for this benefit.

The Fund has contracted with Vision Service Plan (VSP) and their VSP Signature Choice Plan network of vision care providers, to provide covered vision expenses at discounted prices. Your Plan benefits will go farther when you use VSP Signature Choice Plan providers because VSP providers have agreed to accept Plan maximums as payment in full. While you can use non-VSP providers, you are responsible for payment of any costs that exceed Plan maximums.

Vision Service Plan (VSP) 800.877.7195

Vision Benefits Summary
Effective 2021


Life Insurance

Effective July 1, 2012, all active employees who currently have medical coverage provided by the Trust Fund are also eligible for a $10,000 life insurance and $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefit.  Dependent life insurance is not included.  This benefit is offered by ING Employee Benefit.  No Employee contribution is required for this benefit.

Zenith American Solutions (Fund Office) Call 800.844.8392 or 510.433.4422

Burial Expense

The Burial Expense Benefit is provided under an insurance contract between the Trust Fund and the Union Labor Life Insurance Company.

In the event of your death as an eligible Active Participant, the Plan will pay a benefit of $2,500 to your designated beneficiary to help pay for funeral expenses. Please note that certain Collective Bargaining Agreements may provide for a higher burial expense benefit. Contact the Fund Office to determine your benefit amount.

Note: Retired Participants are not eligible for the Burial Expense Benefit.

Zenith American Solutions (Fund Office) Call 800.844.8392 or 510.433.4422